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About us
The Geo-Resources and Geotechnical Laboratory
at the
New Jersey Institute of Technology


The Geo-Resources and Geotechnical Laboratory at NJIT investigates the multi-scale physical mechanisms responsible for the fracturing of rocks subject to various confinement stresses and hydraulic pressures, with particular focus on fracture connectivity and interaction, and micro-seismicity caused by hydraulic fracturing. Based on laboratory tests, our group develops theoretical and numerical models to simulate and interpret the fracturing mechanisms at the macro- and microscopic scales, ultimately elucidating the impact of these processes at the field scale. Broadly speaking, this research aims to reduce the environmental impact and maximize the financial potential of Enhanced Geothermal Systems, oil and gas production, CO2 sequestration, as well as to better predict and mitigate geotechnical-related hazards triggered by natural or man-made causes, particularly related to the stability of rock slopes and underground openings.

Our group has also been investigating, at the fundamental level, the physical mechanisms involved in the thermally-induced damage of concrete. This is particularly relevant in the development of new construction and modeling strategies and materials that can be used in the design and construction of more resilient underground structures that are capable of resisting fires and heat with less damage.


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